Synergy Claims USA is well-known for estimating a variety of projects.  Whether you are filing a claim on damage for your house, or have a large loss claim for a major hotel, we are here to help.  With our technology, expertise, and commitment to the customer, we ensure that you get the FULL amount for your claim, not just any amount, meaning you could get 50-200% more for your claim!


As a leader in supplement management, Synergy Claims USA handles all cases, large or small. Whether your home, business, casino, hotel, or anything else needs attention, we have you covered. From writing the estimate to working directly with your insurance company on your behalf, we will ensure that you get a fair and honest result that won’t leave your wallet hurting. We even will submit your final invoice to get you paid faster.


To say that mold runs in our blood may sound funny, but its true.  We started in this industry with a heavy focus on mold and air quality and haven’t looked back.  From testing the air, sampling existing mold, determining a remediation plan, and performing the cleaning, we handle every step of the process.  Our professionally trained experts have you and your families health top of mind during every job, residential or commercial. 

We even go one step further to ensure 100% satisfaction from every customer.  We do a PRV (Post remediation verification) test to ensure that it is safe to re-enter your home or office.


With so much experience in the industry, we felt it only appropriate to help a network of contractors with a similar passion.  When you partner with us, you are not just hiring a consulting company, you are bringing us into your family.  We take this to heart and treat every business as if it is ours.  We help you streamline your processes, procedures, and operating plans in the field or in the office.  Helping you run as efficiently as possible is our priority.  We even provide onsite restoration training for your team to ensure that we cover all bases and you are ready to conquer any job.

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