Water damage

Residential Water Damage Restoration:

Synergy Claims USA serves all of Greater Cincinnati Ohio as well as the rest of the country.

We will come to you if you are experiencing issues due to water damage regardless of the size of loss, If it’s big to you it matters to us. Our experienced team provides an assurance that they will complete the necessary services for a water damage restoration project to your satisfaction. We also can provide home repairs such as water damage related repairs and flood repairs.

Water Removal & Extraction:

Damages caused by water damage might not be initially obvious and can sometimes only be spotted by an unpleasant odor. If there is a large amount of mold or flood damage on your property, hiring a professional to help you clean up the water damage can increase your chances of preventing the growth of mold. Typically, completing water damage repair on your home or business as quickly as possible will save you a lot of time and money when dealing with the water damage restoration process. Our emergency response team can not only extract water damages, but they can also clean and dry your property as a prevention method to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Emergency Flood & Water Cleanup

If you experience some of the many repercussions of flooding on your property, calling a qualified professional to complete an emergency water extraction on your home or business is the best option you can make. At Synergy Claims USA, our team is ready and willing to take care of emergency water cleanup all throughout the country. 24-hour water extractions can be a deal breaker on how timely and costly your restoration process will be. Keep in mind the longer water sits and the environmental conditions the category can change quickly no matter if it was a clean water source or a sewage situation. To the right is a scale to see the different classifications of water.

When you hire Synergy Claims USA to help with navigating your claim, you can rest assured we will treat your home or business with the same level of care we would our home or business. With over 10 years of experience, we bring professionalism and integrity to all our clients. Our emergency services are available around-the-clock, so when a disaster strikes we are ready when you are not.